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I'm sure she's nice cover for sonablast.

Heidi Howe "I'm Sure She's Nice" Video Premiere by John Timmons 05/08/2020, wfpk.org

“This song was part of a spring “song writing binge” I had about 4 years ago while my kiddo was on a trip to Puerto Rico. (Inspired by true events.) When I decided I wanted to release the songs as singles instead of as an album, I started thinking of ideas for videos. As far as I remember, this was always the idea for this video. I ordered the wigs and such for it quite a while ago (most of them are new, cheap costume wigs off Ebay that I did a little work on), although one or two were decent wigs left over from when I first shaved my head 2 1/2 years ago and thought I might wear wigs. (Wig wearing lasted about 30 seconds because wigs are hot, uncomfortable and expensive. Also, I love my shaved head now.) When Laura Shine put out a call for quarantine music videos, it lit a fire under me to finally make this thing. (So, thanks, Laura!) It was pretty labor intensive, and my eyelids are still recovering from all the fake eyelashes and make up, but I always love making stuff, and I found this to be a fun project. Also, I recorded it myself in my house, so it was totally #healthyathome!”

A Little Bit Blue- Watch the video
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Heidi Howe and members of the Louisville Ballet make a video that affirms that love is love

by John Timmons for WFPK.org January 10, 2020

Louisville, Kentucky singer/songwriter, Heidi Howe, is more than a little outside the “country” box. She’s bald, she’s irreverent and she’s a champion for LGBTQ rights. When she got the chance to work with esteemed film director, Tim Kirkman, on her latest music video, “A Little Bit Blue”, she jumped at the chance. In addition to Howe, the video features the director of the Louisville Ballet, Robert Curran, as well as a stellar member of the Louisville Ballet, Brandon Ragland.


Kirkman says, “I loved the challenge of merging two forms – a country song and classical dance – to create something new. Add to that a queer perspective and Heidi’s glorious voice, and it was a match made in heaven. Plus, I’ll take any excuse to come to Louisville.”

Howe reiterates, “Everyone involved with this project is committed to the message of ‘Love is Love’, and we won’t be satisfied until everyone has equal rights. I’m very grateful to have the support of my wonderful label, sonaBLAST! Records, on this project.”


The single will be available at all digital retailers, and the video will be available on YouTube and at heidihowe.com.